flexibleAs a life coach, I’ve found that in order to have maximum success, you have to be flexible. Flexible means the ability to be easily modified, the willingness to change or compromise, and the willingness to be molded. It’s a fact that flexibility is important in every part of our life. Studies have shown that flexibility in the workplace reduces stress and also creates more job satisfaction. The National Study of the Changing Work Force found that people who are flexible in the workplace are less negative at their job and less negative in their family life. In my research, I’ve found that people who are not rigid at their job and are more spontaneous, actually accomplish more and with greater performance.

Flexibility is important in your physical body as well. Once again, studies have shown that being flexible lowers stress, strengthens mental health and increases lung capacity. When I was a child, I use to love watching the cartoon Gumby. One of the reasons was because he was flexible. He could get himself in and out of so many situations because he could be stretched. Whether I’m working with the Oakland Raiders or with a group of fifth grade students in Louisville, Kentucky, I always stress to them that there are two important reasons why one must be flexible. First, flexibility gives you different options. When you’re rigid, you often limit your options. But when you’re flexible with your goals, you become open to other paths that may actually lead you into a better direction. Secondly, flexibility gives you room to grow. When you’re flexible, you’re willing to fail and get up again, and you learn to understand that this just may be part of the process. Remember that even the great hitters in baseball strike out two out of three times. And those numbers can get them into the Hall of Fame.

This week, I want you to work on being flexible. Being flexible will give you different options and will allow for room to grow. I want you to stay focused this week and work towards your Utmost Life, but at the same time be a little bit like Gumby and be willing to adjust to different situations that may arise.

An Article by Tim Storey on EmotionalMojo.com

em_logoIf you have not read the first 6 steps please be sure to get the full picture of by applying the previous points on dreaming, being certain, being excited, focusing, getting committed, and getting smart as we continue.

Step 7 – Have Momentum

There’s one thing that changes everything for every great leader, and that is momentum. That’s why it’s the final step of the 7 Steps to Success. To have momentum means to have energy, motivation, speed or movement. You can have the best plan and even take steps to execute the plan, but if you don’t have momentum and keep that momentum, you can only go so far. There’s even a law to momentum. When you’re down, the universe works to keep you down. When you’re up, the universe works to keep you up.

I see this in my life coaching every day, whether I’m working with a well-known actor or businessman. Keeping READ THE REST ON EMOTIONALMOJO.COM HERE